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See What Our Members Are Saying

We're passionate about offering you outstanding products and excellent service — and we love to hear how we're doing! Please feel free to contact us with any feedback you have. Here's what our current members are saying:

Personalized services. Large bank opportunities, small credit union feel. – LaShawn S.

Destination Credit Union has changed my life because of the knowledge I have gained about my credit score I am very thankful for this Credit Union I am able to move forward with such strength and positive knowledge that will help my family thrive. – Renee W.

The fantastic customer service. I've always received top notch service from people who clearly love their jobs. – Richard B.

I am able to do my banking 24/7. I get great rates on loans as car and personal. I am able to skip a mouth of payments on my loans during holidays so my family can have a good holiday. Having that skip payment help me a lot, not just on holidays, but other bills I was able to use the extra cash to pay off small bills. I was able to consolidate a car loan and personal loan. Putting the two loan together I got a lower interest and my payment stead the same, and I was able to pay off both loans in a shorter time. My family are able to joint and do their own banking and make loans.  Nadine H.

 You feel like family , a place where they know you by name when you walk in . Excellent and Friendly Customer Service. – Michele H.

Destinations Credit unions are a more personalized way of handling personal finance. As the economy becomes more complex, credit unions are streamlining their loan procedures; you'll have a better chance at securing personal loans Shanita S.

Easy to use on internet and the staff are very helpful and always know the right course of action to help you when ever you need some advice or loan Harold P.