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The movies, eating out, soccer dues — wherever your money goes, get more of it with free Kasasa Cash® checking. Benefit from really high dividends, plus ATM withdrawal fee refunds not just in the Baltimore area, but nationwide*! Plus, there's never a monthly service fee, only money to be made! Enjoy the flexibility that comes with online bill pay and the ability to link to the Kasasa Saver savings account. Choose a checking that always works in your favor. Now tell us — do you Kasasa?®



  • Free checking that pays you really high dividends
  • Refunds on ATM withdrawal fees, nationwide (up to $20 monthly)*
  • Can link to high-dividend Kasasa Saver® account
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No minimum balance to earn rewards

Qualifying for rewards is easy — in fact, you're probably already doing it! To earn your rewards, enrollments must be in place and all of the following transactions and activities must post and settle to your Kasasa Cash account during each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

  • At least 12 debit card purchases
  • Be enrolled in and agree to receive eStatements
  • Be enrolled and log into online banking with your online checking account

That's it. If you don't meet the qualifications one month, don't worry. There is no penalty, and you still have a high yield free checking account that earns our base dividend rate.

Invest in yourself by making more money with the deposits in your checking account. A high yield checking account allows you to earn more with higher interest rates. Traditionally, checking accounts have a smaller interest rate and do not add as much value to your bank account as a high interest checking account will. If you have cash that you want to work for you, Kasasa Cash Checking is a great solution.

Destinations Credit Union offers multiple ways to help you open a checking account, including the Kasasa Cash Checking and No Frills Checking. Here are a few ways in which each option differs.

  1. Both checking accounts at Destinations Credit Union do not require a monthly fee or a minimum opening deposit. If you are looking for a checking account that is best for high balances, Kasasa Cash Checking is right for you.
  2. No Frills Checking is created for stability and minimizing surprises when it comes to your checking account. There are not as many rewards with this option in comparison to the high yield Free Kasasa Cash Checking.
  3. ATM transactions in both accounts are surcharge-free, but Free Kasasa Cash Checking offers the opportunity for rewards, up to $20 per month

Please see the start and end dates of the qualifications cycles below:

Qualification Cycle Begins Qualification Cycle Ends
October 31, 2020 November 28, 2020
November 29, 2020 December 30, 2020
December 31, 2020 January 30, 2021
January 31, 2021 February 27, 2021
February 28, 2021 March 30, 2021
March 31, 2021 April 29, 2021
April 30, 2021 May 30, 2021
May 31, 2021 June 29, 2021
June 30, 2021 July 30, 2021
July 31, 2021 August 30, 2021
August 31, 2021 September 29, 2021
September 30, 2021 October 30, 2021
October 31, 2021 November 29, 2021
November 30, 2021 December 30, 2021
December 31, 2021 January 29, 2022


*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. APYs accurate as of 8/1/2020. Rates may change after account is opened. Fees can reduce the earnings on the accounts.  For Kasasa Cash, if qualifications are met each monthly qualification cycle: (1) Domestic ATM fees incurred during qualification cycle will be reimbursed up to a limit of $20 per cycle. ATM fee reimbursements will be credited to the account on the first business day of the next monthly statement cycle; (2) balances up to $10,000 receive APY of 2.50%; and (3) balances over $10,000 earn 0.25% dividend rate on the portion of the balance over $10,000, resulting in 2.50% - 0.45% APY depending on the balance. If qualifications are not met on Kasasa Cash all balances earn 0.05% APY. Qualifying transactions must post to and settle Kasasa Cash account during monthly qualification cycle. Transactions may take one or more business days from the date transaction was made to post to and settle account. Business days exclude weekends and Federal holidays. ATM-processed transactions do not count towards qualifying debit card transactions. "Monthly Qualification Cycle" means a period beginning one day prior to the first day of the next statement cycle through two days prior to the close of that statement cycle. The advertised Kasasa Cash APY is based on compounding dividends. Dividends earned in Kasasa Cash are automatically transferred to Kasasa Saver each statement cycle and does not compound. Actual interest amount paid may be less than advertised Kasasa Cash APY. The Kasasa Saver APYs may be less than Kasasa Cash APYs. If qualifications in Kasasa Cash are met each monthly qualification cycle: (1) balances up to $10,000 in Kasasa Saver receive an APY of 0.75%; and (2) balances over $10,000 in Kasasa Saver earn 0.25% dividend rate on portion of balance over $10,000, resulting in 0.75% - 0.30% APY depending on the balance. If qualifications are not met on Kasasa Cash, all balances in Kasasa Saver earn 0.05% APY. ATM receipt must be presented for reimbursement of an individual ATM fee of $5.00 or higher.