Why wait until the future to start shaping it? Help determine the financial outcome you hope for your child with an account that caters to them. Our youth savings account can teach your child lifelong saving habits. Your young saver will receive all the benefits of any other savings account — including dividends, deposit and withdrawal capabilities, and online access!

Financial Info & Activities for Kids

Waiting for the future to prepare for the future is too late. Start building the foundation for financial success today with the help of Destinations Credit Union.

Parents, check out our convenient resources, including our articles on "Raising Money-Savvy Kids" and "Teaching Your Child About Money." Even download a coloring page or download an interactive activity book to further promote the benefits of good savings habits.

Building the foundation for a successful financial future starts today. Help your kids grow up savvy.

Benefits of Saving Young

The earlier you start saving, the better your standard of living will be in the future.

The chart below shows the difference in total amount saved by starting your child at birth, at 5 years old, and at 10 years old. The chart assumes a 2.5% Annual Percentage Yield (roughly the current rate offered for our longer term certificates at present).

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