Effective 5/1/2017

Account Fees

Excess Withdrawal/Transfer Fee (more than 4 per month from non-transactional share accounts) Per Withdrawal/Transfer $1.50
Dormant Account Annual Fee (No Activity for 12 Months) – Accounts under $50 $10.00
Dormant Account Annual Fee (No Activity for 12 Months) – Accounts $50 and over $20.00
Bad Address Processing Fee (per item) $5.00
Overdraft By ACH $30.00
Overdraft Item (Checking) $30.00
Return Check Deposit (written by account holder) $25.00
Return Check Deposit (written by non-account holder) $15.00
Stop Payment Request $25.00/item; $35/series
Stop Payment of Credit Union Issued Check/Money Order $20.00
Copy of Check $5.00
Certified Check $5.00
Counter Check Made Out to 3rd Party $1.50
Paper Statement Fee (Per Statement - Free Online) $2.00
Statement Copies (per statement) $5.00
Check Order Purchase Varies depending on style
Verification of Deposits $10.00
Online Bill Pay Inactivity Fee (if not used during the month) $4.95
Online Bill Pay Stop Payment/Return Item $30.00
Bill Payer Account Disbursement (not online bill pay) $3.00
Insurance Account Disbursement Fee $2.00
Unscheduled Withdrawal from Holiday Club $15.00
IRA Direct Transfer to another institution $50.00

General Fees

Telephone Transactions Fee* (per transaction) $2.00
Domestic Wire Transfer (outgoing) $20.00
Money Orders $1.50
Visa Gift Cards (each) $2.50
Account History Print-Outs (Per page) $1.00
Account Research (Per hour) $20.00
Account Reconciliation $20.00
Loan Payment Made by Credit Card 3% of payment made/$5 minimum per transaction
Repeat Loan Application (made within 3 months) $15.00
Duplicate of Security Interest Filing $10.00
Escheatment Fee $50.00
Garnishment Fee $100.00
*Waived for transactions that cannot be processed using our CU Talk Telephone Banking, Online Banking or Mobile Banking, and for members with total deposit and/or loan balanced greater than $750.

MasterCard Fees

Cash Advance Fee $15.00
Late Payment $25.00
Replacement First Card Free
Additional Replacement $10.00
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of transaction amount

Debit/ATM Card Fees

Withdrawals from Non-Owned / Non-Participating ATMs (foreign ATM).
note: Owners of these machines may also charge a surcharge.
You can get get unlimited FREE ATM transactions at any of our network ATMs. Visit our website for a complete list.
Transfer Between Accounts or Balance Inquiry $0.50
Plastic Card Replacement - First Card Free
Additional Replacement $10.00
PIN Replacement Fee $5.00

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Privilege
Per Item
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