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Datatrac Rate Dump

Product Balance Requirements APY APR Notes
Primary Savings $50 and up 0.10%    
Club Accounts (Holiday, Vacation and Secondary)   0.10%    
PREFERRED Saver up to $10,000 0.15%   Available only with PREFERRED Rewards Checking
PREFERRED Saver over $10,000 0.15%   Available only with PREFERRED Rewards Checking
PREFERRED Rewards Checking up to $10,000 2.50%   Qualifications must be met*
PREFERRED Rewards Checking over $10,000 0.25%   Qualifications must be met*
PREFERRED Rewards Checking If qualifications are NOT met 0.05%    
Individual Retirement Account   0.15%    
Share Certificate 6 months $500 minimum 2.550%    
Share Certificate 12 months $500 minimum 3.000%    
Share Certificate 24 months $500 minimum 2.750%    
Share Certificate 36 months $500 minimum 2.750%    
Share Certificate 60 months $500 minimum 3.350%    
New or Used Auto/Truck 60 months     5.84%  
New or Used Auto/Truck 72 months     6.34%  
New or Used Auto/Truck 84 months     6.89%  10% down payment required
New or Used Motorcycle 60 months     5.84%  
New or Used Motorcycle 72 months     6.34%  
New or Used Boat 60 months     6.85%  
New or Used Boat 72 months     7.85%  
New or Used RV 60 months     6.84%  
New or Used RV 120 months     8.47%  
Home Equity Line of Credit 80% Loan to Value Max   8.50%  
Personal Loan 60 months     10.49%  
Personal Loan 84 months     11.49%  
Mastercard Credit Card Fixed rate   9.50%  

Rates may change after accounts are opened. Fees may reduce earnings. APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

*Rates subject to change. Fees can reduce the earnings on the accounts. All of the following PREFERRED Rewards Checking qualifications must be met monthly in order to qualify for any of the benefits:

  1. Log in to eBanking or the DCU Mobile App
  2. Enroll in and maintain eStatements
  3. Receive Direct Deposit totaling $500 or more each month5
  4. Conduct a minimum of 15 Debit Card transactions with an aggregate total of $50 or more each month6

PREFERRED Rewards Checking account holders also have the option of transferring earned dividends from your PREFERRED Rewards Checking into their PREFERRED Savings each month.

5 Deposits must be in the form of an ACH and deposited into a PREFerred Rewards Checking account.

6 Transactions must occur and fully settle to the PREFerred Rewards Checking account within the qualifying cycle period. The new qualifying cycle, effective November 1st, 2021 runs on a monthly basis; the first day of the month to the last day of each month. ATM transactions do not count toward the qualification.

High Yield dividend rates change monthly based on market conditions. For full details, see the High Yield Disclosure.

†NOTE – Members have the opportunity to “Step Up” to a higher rate (should rates increase) one time during the certificate term. Minimum to open any Certificate is $500. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal. The penalty is an amount equal to 90 days worth of interest on the amount withdrawn whether it is earned or not. (This may reduce the principal of your Share Certificate.) If the certificate falls below the minimum required, the account will be closed and the penalty will apply to the full amount.

Fee Schedule (Fees may reduce the overall earnings on the account)
Truth in Savings
Funds Availability Policy

*HELOC Interest rates as low as Prime. Interest rates may be higher depending on credit history up to a maximum of Prime plus 1.25%. Prime Rate is determined using the Wall Street Journal Prime and may be adjusted monthly using the Prime Rate 15 days prior to the first day of the month. Rate cannot go below 3.25% APR. As of 8/1/2021, Prime Rate is 3.25%. Property insurance is required on any property securing the HELOC.

†Rates based on credit history and may be higher.

Interest rates are subject to change without notic24

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