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We understand, life happens. With PayMoli, life just got easier. Need to pay a friend back for last night’s sweet treat? Owe the sitter for date night? Time to pay your roommate for your half of the rent? Fret no more, Moli them the money!

That’s right. Moli them the money. Send them what you owe through the robust mobile payment app, PayMoli. Download the PayMoli app, send money, friend is paid...voilà



With PayMoli, you can send money directly from your credit union checking account to your friend’s bank account with the touch of a finger. It’s simple, secure and quick. The person you want to pay does not need to have the app. You can pay directly to their bank account if you know their info. If you don’t know their banking info, they can get the PayMoli App and get money that way.  Payments come directly from your credit union checking account. And, your payments are private, always.

How It Works:

  • Download the PayMoli app
  • Link to your credit union checking account
  • Follow the verification process
  • Pick a person to pay
  • Enter payment amount
  • Send


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