Payroll Deposits

Get money into your accounts without an extra trip to a Destinations Credit Union branch! Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction both move money into your account — automatically. Simply set up payroll deduction with your employer to have all or part of your paycheck deposited into the account of your choice each month.

Or you can utilize our direct deposit services to move money across accounts or receive deposits of Social Security, civil service payments, military retirement benefits, and more. Best of all, not only do you save tons of time, direct deposit also earns you discounted rates on some loans.

Direct Deposit
  • Have your checks deposited, automatically
  • No extra work on your part
  • Save time; eliminate trips to a branch or drive-thru
  • Receive discounted rates on some loans
  • Start earning dividends sooner (within interest-bearing accounts)
  • Eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing a paper check
  • All payrolls accepted, including Social Security, civil service, and military retirement benefits

Get Started

To sign up for direct deposit, provide your payroll department with Destination's routing and transit number (252076442), along with your checking account number (or member number for your savings account).

Payroll Deduction
  • All or part of your paycheck automatically sent to Destinations Credit Union
  • Amount and duration decided by you
  • Make deposits or loan payments
  • Save yourself valuable time
  • Cover expenses on time

Get Started

To set up payroll deduction, call a Member Service Representative at 410-663-2500 or print the application and return or mail it into a Destinations branch.