Telephone Banking

Sometimes picking up a phone is just easy — especially when traveling to a branch or going online isn't convenient. Thanks to CUTalk telephone banking, access to Destinations Credit Union is never more than a phone call away.

Check account balances, see if checks have cleared, transfer funds, make a loan payment, and more — available anytime, anywhere with your phone in hand. Simply dial 800-860-5704 from any touch-tone phone, follow a few simple prompts, and access to convenient banking is at your fingertips!

  • Fast, free, simple convenience for Destinations members
  • Access to your credit union only a phone call away
  • Perfect for times when a computer or branch isn't nearby
  • Access account information 24/7 via any touchtone phone (including your cell phone):
  • Calculate or make a loan payment
  • Check account balances
  • See if checks have cleared
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Request a check to be mailed to your address
  • Get your loan payoff amount
  • And more!

Get Started

To use CUTalk telephone banking, simply follow 4 easy steps:

1. Call 800-860-5704

2. Enter your account number on the telephone keypad.

3. The first time you use the service, you will be prompted to enter the first four digits of your social security number and then choose a 4-digit personal identification number.

4. Enter the option that you wish to use.

Call 410-663-2500 and speak with a Member Service Representative if you have any additional questions.

CUTalk Instructions

To access CUTalk (formerly ETTA) on or after March 1, 2016, you will continue to dial 800-860-5704. Follow these steps:

(1) enter 274 as the Credit Union ID followed by #

(2) choose English or Spanish as your language

(3) enter your account number followed by #

(4) enter your personal identification number (PIN) followed by #.

The first time you log on to CUTalk, your PIN will be the last 4 digits of your social security number. It will tell you the password is expired and you must change it before you continue. Enter a 4 digit PIN of your choosing and then it will prompt you to verify that.

Once your information has been verified, listen to the prompts and make an appropriate selection. Review the chart below to locate available options on the CUTalk system.

PRESS 1 for Account Inquiries - Listed Under This Option:

  • 1. Account Balances
  • 1. All Accounts
  • 2. Specific Accounts
  • 2. Cleared Check Info - Enter Account Sufix, then #
  • 1. Last 10 Checks
  • 2. Specific Check
  • 3. Recent Transactions - Enter Account Suffix, then #
  • 1. Last 5 Deposits
  • 2. Last 5 Withdrawals
  • 3. Last 5 ATM/Debit Transactions
  • 4. Last 5 Transactions
  • 4. Paid Interest/Dividend Info
  • 1. Total Prev Year IRS Reportable
  • 2. Div/Int Paid – All Accounts
  • 3. Div/Int Paid – Specific Account
  • 5. Access Different Account #
  • 5. Status of Loan Accounts
  • 1. All Loan Accounts
  • 2. Specific Loan Acct
  • 5. Access Another Acct No.

PRESS 2 to Perform Money Transactions -Listed Under This Option:

  • 1. Transfer Funds
  • 2. Transfer to Another Member Account
  • 3. Request a Check
  • 5. Access Different Account No

PRESS 3 for Credit Union Rates/ Loan Estimates - Listed Under This Option:

  • 1. Current Savings APY
  • 2. Current CD Annual Yields
  • 3. Current Loan Rates
  • 4. Perform Loan Estimate Calc.
  • 1. Loan Payment
  • 2. Loan Term
  • 3. Request a Loan App Mailed
  • 5. Request a Loan Officer to Call

PRESS 4 to Change Your Personal Identification Number (PIN)

PRESS 5 to Access A Different Account

PRESS 6 for Other CU Services - Listed Under This Option:

  • 1. Stop Payment
  • 4. Request a Loan Application Mailed
  • 5. Request a Loan Officer to Call
  • 6. CU Locations / Hours

Helpful tips: If you use Option 1, all accounts, you will get the new suffixes. At any time, press 8 to Repeat Options, press 9 to End Call, and press * to return to previous menu. All share and loan suffixes can be located on your most recent account statement.